Sports-wire is not a business company to make money. It is a missionary organization and its primary concern was to build sports sprites among the Pakistani youth.

It is the worst thing that Pakistan has deprived their right to organized International sports events due to law & order situation in the country.

Sportswire’s greatest goal is to provide the best, fresh, high-quality content to all Pakistani media houses with URDU language scripts.

Sportswire understand the need of Sports bulletins, there can be no compromising on quality. We provide Raw and fully produced content with international sound.

Sportswire is the only Video production componey which provide the 360 video contant.

SportsWire has a Strong professional partnership with leading international News agencies, Independent producers,  distributors and rights holding broadcasters.

It is our great responsibility to deliver the best services to all Pakistani media houses in international manners.

SportsWire has recently upgrading our video infrastructure to developing new digital products like Sports News Roundup, Extreme Sports productions like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, jumping and wing-suit flying on daily basis.

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