Tenacious Pricemeter Polo Cup: Barry’s win final

Barry’s bagged the Tenacious Pricemeter Polo Cup after beating by 6-4 in the enthralling final played here at the Jinnah Polo and Country Club (JP&CC) ground on Sunday.

Ruelo Trotz and Hamza Mawaz Khan played key role in Barry’s well-deserving triumph as both thrashed in three tremendous goals while from the losing side, Marcos Panelo converted a hat-trick and Mumtaz Abbas Niazi struck one goal.

In the subsidiary final, Pricemeter.pk Black emerged as triumphant by beating Platinum Homes 8-6. Mariano Raigal emerged as hero of the day from the winning side as he fired in fabulous four goals while Ahmed Ali Tiwana hammered a hat-trick and Sufi Muhammad Haroon scored one goal. From the losing side, Hissam Ali Hyder cracked a quartet while Daniyal Sheikh and Abdul Rehman Monnoo converted one goal apiece.

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